Net-Worth Isn’t Self-Worth

November 25th, 2019

What a load of fertilizer the world has heaved upon us! Especially women. For years I’ve studied the impact of advertising on the American mindset of women and I have to say, we are at an all time high for influencing us . . . in the Wrong Direction!!

It all began in 1968 when Phillip Morris turned its attention to the growing number of women in the workplace (giving them greater spending power). No way big tobacco was going to miss out on those hard earn dollars. They were among the first to say “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby!”

. . . And we fell for it.

Proving along the way that indeed we could work as hard as a man, then go home, raise the kids, cook dinner and keep a tidy house. Is it any wonder we are beyond exhausted.

Along the way, money became entangled in our sense of “worth”. The rat race was on and women were going to get their fair share.

Here’s the challenge: in our pursuit of money we forgot what true wealth is all about. We left behind the richness of our experiences, the wealth of a happy healthy life. Through social media, news outlets, magazines, bosses, peers and general social consciousness we’ve come to believe that our Self-Worth is measured in terms of “cold, hard cash”.  

Perhaps today you can find 10 minutes to start separating these concepts:

Self-Worth: Having unshakable faith in yourself and in your ability to follow through and get things done.

Net-Worth: net worth is defined as assets minus liabilities. 

Step One: Take three deep breaths (this calms the vegas nerve which stimulates the fight or flight response).

Step Two: Put on your favorite music and move your body. Get the stagnant energy moving and uplift your spirits.

Step Three: Remember Who You Are! The creative, funny, nurturing woman. The teacher, the mother, the pathfinder, the artist, the planner, the friend.

WOMEN ARE AMAZING!!! We “Literally” have the ability to create LIFE!

Now set your timer for 10 minutes and Journal about all your Assets! I think you’ll find they far exceed any perceived limitations – thus upping your Net-Worth!! 

About Victoria Peterson

My most natural gift and talent is advising business owners through personal insights that unlock their fullest potential. I speak throughout the world teaching others how to profoundly connect their unique core values and personal gifts, to the businesses they are building.

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